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How do Solar Photovoltic (PV) systems work?

Solar PV systems use light to generate energy. Solar PV cells can be arranged in panels which can be fitted to building walls or roof's and are used to feed electricity directly into the building. PV cells can be added together to provide an increased power output and they don't need direct sunlight so power can still be generated even on a cloudy day.

What are the benefits of PV?

Renewable energy doesn't release CO2 into the atmosphere, making it a more sustainable method of producing energy. Once installed, energy costs will be greatly reduced as a typical PV system can product around 40% of a household electricity needs. If your system is producing more electricity than you need, the surplus energy can be sold back to the national grid. If the system is not connected to the national grid, it can be stored in batteries until needed.

Is Solar PV suitable for the building in question?

There are a number of considerations that need to made when choosing Solar PV for your building. Firstly, will the panel have enough sun light? The PV panel should face within 90 degrees of south and should not be overshadowed by neighbouring buildings or trees. Secondly, if fitted to a roof, the roof must be strong enough to support the panel. Finally, planning permission is not needed if the PV panel is below a certain size but check with the local planning department if the building is listed or located in a conservation area.


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