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Rainwater Harvesting Installation for the Code for Sustainable Homes

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Long Warranties (up to 25 years on tanks)

Nationwide Coverage

Full Range of tanks & systems

Save up to 50% of your water consumption:

Multiple CfSH Credits Available:

Low Maintenance

Auto Hose Reel & Other Accessories Available

Autoreel Hose System

thecodestore.co.uk provides nationwide Rainwater Harvesting Installation, Advice & Guidance.

We offer a complete service, from:

Supply of equipment and tanks only → Full installation and integration/plumbing service


Why use a Rainwater Harvesting System?

As can be seen from the diagram, up to 50% of a households daily mains water consumption can be saved if a full rainwater harvesting system was integrated into the household. The use of a rainwater harvesting system is therefore rewarded under the Code for Sustainable Homes guidelines, however there are of course also other monetary and environmental benefits when using a rainwater harvesting system, which are outlined below.

Rainwater Harvesting & the Code for Sustainable Homes

Rainwater Harvesting Systems can gain credits in the following Code for Sustainable Homes categories:

Other Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

As well as Code for Sustainable Homes Credits for a developer, the end user or the property will also gain from the following benefits when a rainwater harvesting system is installed at the premises:

  • Reduced Bills
  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Avoidance of Hosepipe Ban
  • Increased property resale value


Why Use thecodestore.co.uk?

Quality Products

We only supply the highest quality products that are backed up by long manufacturers warrantees. We also supply some of the most innovative products available including the flattest tanks available on the market. Flat tanks enables faster and cheaper excavation costs with some systems that can be installed by hand without machinery. Click here to see further information about our tanks >

Experienced Installers

We have a network of longstanding and reliable partners across the UK who are able to provide the highest quality service at the most affordable cost.

Best Possible Price

As we have an extensive network of installers and as we source products ourselves, we are able to provide you with the most competitive price available.


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