Ewgeco ENE3 Energy Display Device

How does the Ewgeco System work?


1. The transmitter is installed next to the electricity meter and within 1.5 meters of a mains socket (which it is plugged into).
2. A CT Clip is attached to the electricity line coming into the building.
3. The other meters (water/gas/solar/wind etc) are then connected to the transmitter. If they are not close to the transmitter a bell wire can be run to the meters location.
4. The transmitter then sends the meter readings wirelessly to the energy display device where the information is displayed in real time.

Energy Display Device Overview

For more detailed information regarding installation please download the brochure.


Ewgeco ENE3 Energy Display Device Installation Guide & Fitting Instructions


Ewgeco is the most versatile system as it is able to work with any pulse enabled meter.

Pulse enabled meters can be found for almost any situation, for example;

  • electricity (mains electricity, Solar PV, Solar Thermal etc)
  • gas
  • water
  • heat meters (biomass boilers, communal heating systems in flats/apartments etc)

It also records and displays 3 utility channels, where most other devices only show 1 or 2.

The Ewgeco was also the first device to be designed to meet the the Code for Sustainable Homes specification and achieve 2 credits in almost any application.

It is available in 3 variants;

  • EWG - displaying Electricity, Water & Gas
  • ERG - displaying Electricity, a Renewable (such as a Solar PV or Solar Thermal) and Gas
  • EEE - displaying 3 channels of Electricity (achieving 2 CfSH credits when the primary heat source is powered by electricity such as with Heat Pumps)

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