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Category 4 - Management of Surface Water Run-off from developments

Waterco has experience in providing reports showing how to fulfil the mandatory elements and attain the available credits for Sur1 (Surface Water Run-off) and Sur2 (Flood Risk).

Our Surface Water Management Services:

Whether you simply need to meet the mandatory elements or wish to attain additional credits, we offer a range of services to meet your requirements:

Surface Water Run-off Appraisal (Mandatory)

  • Peak Rate of Run-off - Assessment before and after proposed development.
  • Volume of Run-off - Calculations of rainwater volume to be discharged to a soakaway or watercourse.
  • Percolation Test Analysis
  • Recommendations on how to achieve the mandatory elements (Soakaway or Attenuation).

SUDS Design (Possible Additional 2 Credits)





  • Complete design service producing all design specifications, calculations and drawings to fulfil the CSH credit requirements for soakaway or attenuation.
  • Advice on the most appropriate attenuation methods and technologies for your development e.g. permeable paving, rainwater recycling, swales, wetlands and reed beds.
  • Liaison with the Local Authorities, Environment Agency and sewerage operator to agree the best solution and its adoption.

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)(Mandatory)

  • This is a mandatory requirement of Sur 1 and often the planning process. We have vast experience in producing such FRA documents for all flood zones at competitive rates. (See Sur 2 - Flood Risk)
  • Level 1 Flood Risk Assessment (Screening Study) included in Surface Water Run-off Appraisal

Our Flood Risk Services:
We offer three levels of FRA reporting and will advise on which is most appropriate for your development.

FRA Level 1 - Screening Study

  • An initial assessment of the site to identify existing flooding or surface water management issues that may warrant further consideration.
  • Production of a brief report demonstrating CSH compliance.
  • Included in our Surface Water Run-off Appraisal

FRA Level 2 - Scoping Study

  • Qualitative appraisal of flood risk posed to site and potential impacts the development will have on flood risk elsewhere.
  • Production of a Preliminary FRA report including the possible measures to reduce flood risk and likely outcome of a full FRA including a site layout showing the extent of predicted flood water inundation.

FRA Level 3 - Detailed Study

  • Quantitative appraisal and production of a FRA report possibly including catchment analysis, hydraulic calculations and flood mitigation measures. The contents required will be established after Environment Agency consultation.
  • This may include the use of 1D/2D Flood Modelling for the quantitative appraisal of the potential flood risk to site and offsite flood risk impacts.

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