300-400mm Adjustable Length - Twin Wall Insulated Flue
300-400mm Adjustable Length - Twin Wall Insulated Flue

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Price per Unit (piece): £136.44 + VAT


Key Features

  • Quality Manufactured licensed by Firebelly Flue Systems
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee when fitted in a HETAS accredited installation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Twin Wall Insulated Construction
  • Inner wall material 316 stainless steel 0.4mm thick
  • Outer wall casing 0.4mm thick
  • Max temperature limitation: Soot fire tested at 1000 C
  • Operating temperature 450 C
  • Insulation High pressure injected mineral wool 30mm thick
  • Required Support: lateral (wall bracket) every 4 meters. Dead-weight (wall support) every 16 meters. Freestanding up to 3 meters above last support.
  • Asthetics: Recessed locking band.
  • Fire-Stop Arrangement: Solid fire-stop plate, tested & approved
  • Full range of accessories including elbows, lengths & inspection hatches available
  • 4 hours fire rated to BS 476 - 20
  • Available in a number of diameters: 130mm (5 inches), 150mm (6 inches), 180mm (7 inches), 200mm (8 inches)

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

When used with a biomass system it can contribute towards your:

  • (ENE1) Dwelling Emission Rates - Renewable Technologies
  • (ENE7) Low Zero Carbon Technologies credits

*when used and incorporated into appropriate systems. Site and systems specific

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