Itho SHRU 50 - Shower Heat Recovery
Itho SHRU 50 - Shower Heat Recovery

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Key features

  • Itho Shower heat recovery unit
  • The SHRU heat recovery units take heat from discharged waste water to heat the incoming supply of cold mains water to the shower inlet
  • Capable of recovering up to 50% of energy which would normally be lost
  • Fits easily into both new build and existing homes and requires no operation by the user
  • The untis are low maintenance requiring only an annual clean to gain optimum performance
  • Produced from copper

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This Sshower-Save system can contribute towards gaining your:-

  • Dwelling Emission Rate (Ene1) Code for Sustainable Homes credits (SAP appendix Q)

*when used and incorporated into appropriate systems. Site and systems specific



The SHRU units feature a heat exchanger that froms part of the vertical section of the waste drain pipe leading to a soil pipe. This is a straight 2m length featuring pipe-in-pipe design. The waste water flows out through the inner pipe, while the clean cold water passed through the outer pipe, where it is heated, typically by approximately 10° Celcius, by the outgoing hot water. This reduces the energy required by the boiler to bring the shower water to the desired temperature.

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