Code Energy Display Device Triple - Electric x 3
Code Energy Display Device Triple - Electric x 3

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Product Replacement

Please note, that as of January 2015, this product has been discontinued and replaced by the new Universal Code Energy Display Device.

If you purchase this discontinued product online from us, you will be sent one of the new Universal Code Energy Display Devices instead.

We no longer hold stock of the discontinued system.

For further information please contact us on 0151 324 0779

Key Features

  • Energy Display Devices
  • Easy to use and install
  • Displays three channels of Electricity consumption
  • Engaging and intuitive ‘traffic light’ style display that rises and falls in real-time.
  • Self calibrates to the size of your property, number of users, and number of appliances in use
  • Green, amber and red bars display if the amount of energy being used at any given time
  • Can display current electricity AND OR primary heating electricity on any of the three channels
  • For example you could accurately monitor you heating, lighting and current electricity with this device

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This Energy Display Device can contribute in gaining your 2 ENE3 Energy Display Devices Credits.

Kit Includes

  • 1. Display with 3 x NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 2. Cradle with DC power supply (6V 850mA)
  • 3. Transmitter with DC power supply (5V 500mA) & 3 x AA batteries
  • 4. Electricity connection cable with 10mm current transducer (CT) clip.
  • 5. Electricity connection cable with 16mm current transducer (CT) clip.
  • 6. Gas lead
  • 7. Wall mounting screws & locking screws


  • Can be fixed to the incoming mains
  • Displays local time
  • Displays current mains energy consumption (kilowatts and kilowatt hours)
  • Displays current emissions (g/kg CO2)
  • Displays current tariff
  • Displays current cost (in pounds and pence)
  • Displays accurate account balance information (online internet system powered by ewgeco)
  • Displays non-numeric visual presentation of data to allow consumers to easily identify high and low level of usage
  • Displays historical consumption data so that consumers can compare their current and previous usage in a meaningful way.
  • Manufactured to ISO9000 & IPC610 Quality Assurance Standards and tested for compliance with European CE certification R & TTE 99/5/EC.
  • Can connect to meters compliant with IEC-62053-31: 1998.
  • Dimensions: (Width)100mm x (Height)124mm x (Depth)24mm Weight 260g
  • Radio Frequency: Low power RF 2.4GH.
  • Long range RF: up to 400m in free space, improved propagation in buildings. Plug routers available to improve range performance.
  • Power Supply: Main unit 6Vdc 850m, Transmitter 5Vdc 500mA.
  • Power on Factory Default Settings: AC voltage 240/110.

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