Easy Clean Quality Rainwater Filtered Diverter
Easy Clean Quality Rainwater Filtered Diverter

SKU: 2-2000800U

Price per Unit (piece): £39.99 + VAT

Key Features

  • 2 choices of product: Standalone diverter (no connection kit) or including connection kit. Choose from the drop-down menu above.
  • Easy to remove and clean filter and diverter
  • Suitable for 68mm to 110mm round or 65 to 75mm square pipes
  • Filter Collector leads clean water to the storage tank with high efficiency under normal rainfall (85 to 95%)
  • The filter can act as the overflow outlet for the tank once filled with 2 positions open or closed
  • Integrated mesh filter sieve, made of stainless steel (mesh size 0,7 x 1,7 mm)
  • Colours: black, white, brown and grey
  • Designed for roof areas up to 70 m²
  • Made of high quality durable plastic
  • Outlet size 50mm or 32mm
  • Not Suitable for large 800L tank or wall tank which has back nut connection. Suitable for all other types

Additional choice

Universal Connection Kit

  • 30cm length of spiral suction hose for connecting from filter to water butt
  • includes tank connections and hose clip





Easy Clean Technical Diagram

Technical Diagram

1) Reduction from 68 - 100 mm

2) Connector for downpipes 110mm

3) Outlet connetion at 75mm

4) Adapter for connection 50mm/32mm

5) Guiding Plates

6) Stainless steel filter mesh

7) Settings for open/closed conditions

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