Code Energy Display Device
Code Energy Display Device

SKU: 1-0023-NTS

Price: £575.00 + VAT

Key Features

  • Energy Display Devices
  • Easy to use and install
  • Displays up to 6 utilties: electricity, gas, water, solar pv, solar thermal, heat pumps & biomass
  • 3 pulse connectors & 3 ct connectors 
  • Built in WiFi and ethernet port connection
  • 5" local display screen
  • New cloud platform

How to order

  1. Select the channels that you would like to measure. Channels 1-3 measure electrical circuits, channels 4-6 measure meters with pulsed outputs.
  2. If you are measuring gas, select a corresponding Pulse Block for your gas meter (see 'Pulse Block Options' below for help)
  3. If you are measuring water consumption, please make sure you have a water meter fitted with a pulsed output. If you need to purchase one please add it to the order

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This Energy Display Device can contribute in gaining your 2 ENE3 Energy Display Devices Credits.

Whats included in the kit?

  • Mains powered (3A) touchscreen display
  • Display wall mount to fit into standard 2 socket wall box
  • Mains powered (3A) wall mounted transmitter


  • Can be fixed to the incoming mains
  • Displays local time
  • Displays current mains energy consumption (kilowatts and kilowatt hours)
  • Displays current emissions (g/kg CO2)
  • Displays current tariff
  • Displays current cost (in pounds and pence)
  • Displays accurate account balance information (online internet system powered by ewgeco)
  • Displays non-numeric visual presentation of data to allow consumers to easily identify high and low level of usage
  • Displays historical consumption data so that consumers can compare their current and previous usage in a meaningful way.
  • Dimensions: (Width)165mm x (Height)95mm x (Depth)52mm Weight 260g
  • WiFi IEE 802.11 Frequency Band: IEEE 802.11 BG 2.4 GHz
  • Power on Factory Default Settings: AC voltage 240/110.


Pulse Block Options


This is for use with Elster/Jeavons U6 - U160 gas meters.

Metur 002

Elster/Jeavons Meter This is one of the meters with the pulse block installed



This is for use with Sensus Gas Meters, see pictures of this meter below.

Meter 005

Meter 005

Meter 005 This is the meter with the pulse block installed (green box).



This is for use with Itron/Actaris Gas Meters, see pictures of this meter below.

Meter 007

Meter 005

Meter 007 This is the meter with the pulse block installed (green box).



This is for use with Actaris SC6 TVI Gas Meters, see pictures of this meter below.

Meter 008

Pulse Block for Meter 008 Pulse block for Meter 008

Meter 008 This is the meter with the pulse block screwed on (green box).


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