Water Saving Shower Fittings
Water Saving Shower Fittings

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Water Saving Shower Fittings

  • We sell a range of reduced and low flow rate shower heads which help you save water in your shower.
  • We only provide water saving shower fittings that have the correct specification to meet The Code for Sustainable Homes requirements.
  • We also only provide products from leading well know brands which are usually backed up by long manufacturer guarantees.
  • To ensure that our water saving shower fittings comply with The Code, we only sell them as part of a WAT PACK, further information below.

Benefits of Water Saving Shower Fittings

There are many benefits to saving water in your shower:

  • Water saving showers will help the occupier save money with reduced water bills
  • Many of our water saving shower fittings incorporate special design features to keep the feeling of a powerful shower whilst reducing the amount of water being used
  • Water saving showers are better for the environment as less water needs to be purified which is wasted down the drain

Water Saving Shower Fittings Specification - WAT PACKs

We provide water saving shower fittings as part of our WAT PACKs.

Our WAT PACKs are tailor made kits that are created by The Code Store to meet the flow rates set by The Code for Sustainable Homes and Approved Document Part G.

We work out your Water Calculation for you and specify the fittings you need to achieve your Code level.

We then work out a total cost of the fittings that are required so the developer can budget accordingly.

Find out more or request a WAT PACK >

Want to buy Water Saving Shower Fittings?

If you would like to buy our water saving shower fittings please speak to us about a WAT PACK specification that we can produce free of charge.

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