Uni Tape
Uni Tape

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Price per Unit (per roll): £17.50 + VAT


Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Pro Clima.
  • UNI TAPE is used for airtight bonding of overlaps between sheets of vapour checks and air-proofing membranes made of sheathing paper or foil as well as joints between such membranes and smooth, non mineral surfaces.
  • UNI TAPE is also suitable for sealing butt joints between wood-based panels such as OSB.
  • Tears easily.
  • Quick release paper.
  • For internal use only.
  • Life Expectancy: 60+ years.
  • Temperature: -40°C to +90°C.
  • Roll Weight: 0.7kg.
  • Roll Width: 6 cm.
  • Roll Length: 30 metres.

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

The Uni Tape can contribute towards gaining your:-

  • Dwelling Emission Rate (Ene1) Code for Sustainable Homes credits.
  • Building Fabric (Ene2) 2009 Code for Sustainable Homes credits.
  • Fabric Energy Efficiency (Ene2) 2010 Code for Sustainable Homes credits.

*when used and incorporated into appropriate systems. Site and systems specific.

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