Code Rainwater Harvesting Pumping Shaft
Code Rainwater Harvesting Pumping Shaft


Price per Unit (piece): £795.17 + VAT


Key Features

The Benefits of a Pumping Shaft

  • Easy to install and lift water where ground conditions don’t allow a traditional soakaway.
  • Flow through the living soil layers, thereby biological purification of water.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Corrosion-resistant, extremely durable submersible pressure pump, automatic control via float switch.
  • Simple and compact mounting due to low weight and ready to plug in pre-mounted pump.

Pumping Station Illustration

1. Lift shaft.
2. Choice of extension VS 20 or VS 60.
3. PE-cover TopCover (walk).
4. Jung submersible pump, pump-type oxylift, with float switch and wire removal, max. output 9 m3/h, max. Conveyor height 5.8 m, promotion of clean water and waste water up to Ø10 mm, with 20m connection cable.
5. Pressure hose with fittings.

Pumping Station Dimensions

Pumping Station Parts


Available in 3 options:

Option A: Pumping shaft with VS 20 (Foot traffic).

Option B: Pumping shaft with VS 60 (Foot traffic).

Option C: Pumping shaft (vehicle loading).

  • Price includes delivery.

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This product can contribute towards:-

  • Indoor Water Use (WAT1) - up to 5 credits
  • Surface Water Run Off (SUR1) - up to 2 credits

*when used and incorporated into appropriate systems. Site and system specific.

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