Code Column Water Tank
Code Column Water Tank


Price per Unit (tank): £225.70 + VAT


Key Features

  • Available in 4 capacities: 330, 500, 1000 or 2000 litres.
  • Available in 2 colours: Sand Beige or Stone Grey.
  • Classic design – extremely stable.
  • Optional Extras: Diverter. Please see the information within the 'Optional Extras' section regarding a diverter for this water butt.
  • Includes 3/4" tap in either a brass or chrome finish.
  • Inlet seal DN 50 (50mm) included in scope of supply.
  • Threaded connection as standard! Tap can be fitted with ease without drilling.
  • Water can be extracted with ease using the tap.
  • Winter proof – leave tap open if there is a risk of frost. Residual water can remain in the tank.
  • Particularly UV-stable and weather resistant.

Dimensions and Weights

330L - Ø590mm(D) x 1610mm(H) / Weight - 14kg.

500L - Ø730mm(D) x 1930mm(H) / Weight - 25kg.

1000L - Ø910mm(D) x 2220mm(H) / Weight - 44kg.

2000L - Ø1280mm(D) x 2230mm(H) / Weight - 75kg.

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This Water butt can help contribute towards gaining your 1 WAT2 External Water Use credits when used in an appropriate situation and solution, this is suitable for 3+ bedroom dwellings.

Size requirements for communal gardens:

  • 1 litre/m² of land allocated to the dwelling with a minimum of 200 litres per communal garden.
  • Where the communal garden is allocated to more than 6 dwellings, a maximum of 30 litres per dwelling can be applied.
  • The allocated land can either be planted (including grass) or left as unplanted soil and can be either split into plots or communally maintained.

Pre-Installed Features

Brass or Chrome 3/4" Tap

Brass TapChrome Tap

  • 1.9 cm (¾”) size including Teflon sealing tape.


Optional Extras

Round or Square Downpipe Diverter

You have a choice of diverter depending upon whether your downpipe is either square or round. Please note that for either the square or round downpipe, the standard diverter options showed below are for roofs with a max area of 50m2. If your roof area is larger than 50m2 please call us and we can offer you an alternative diverter for roof areas of up to 100m2.

For Round Downpipes

Filling Device GreyFilling Device Brown

  • Choice of 3 colours: Black, Grey or Brown.
  • For downpipe size 7-10cm.
  • For max roof area 50m2.
  • Overflow stop function.
  • Plastic filter sieve.
  • Rainwater Butt Connection: 1" (2.5cm), with hose and screw connection.
  • Dimensions: Grey and Brown - Ø13cm x 11.5cm(D).

For Square Downpipes

Quattro GreyQuattro BrownQuattro Beige

  • Choice of 3 colours: Grey, Brown and Beige.
  • For downpipe size 7-10cm.
  • For max roof area 50m2.
  • 3/4" side outlet.
  • High water yield - approx 90%.
  • Overflow stop function.
  • Plastic filter sieve.
  • Dimensions: 10.3cm(W) x 11.9cm(H) x 13.3cm(D).


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