Code Rainwater Harvesting Flat Filter Tank
Code Rainwater Harvesting Flat Filter Tank


Price per Unit (tank): £1 144.17 + VAT


Key Features

  • Product comes with: Flat Tank, Calmed Inlet, Internal Overflow Siphon/DN 100/Rodent Proof, Integrated Fine Filter McClean, Inflow Pipe. (see below).
  • Filter, inflow and overflow are already mounted for connection.
  • Available in four capacities: 1500, 3000, 5000 and 7500 litre.
  • Easy and quick installation, low installation costs.
  • Small pit, little excavation, protects the garden.
  • Optimal use of the tank volume by the pump sump.
  • Very stable due to geometric, one-piece tank.
  • Can be installed in ground water to tank shoulder.
  • Vehicle bearing covers available.
  • Price includes delivery.
  • 25 year warranty.

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This rainwater collection system can contribute towards:-

  • Indoor Water Use (WAT1) - up to 5 credits
  • Surface Water Run Off (SUR1) - up to 2 credits

*when used and incorporated into appropriate systems. Site and system specific.

Dimensions and Weight

1500L - 2400mm(L) x 1200mm(W) x 935mm (Height - including residual water basin and shaft entrance) / Weight - Approx. 80kg.

3000L - 2400mm(L) x 2400mm(W) x 935mm (Height - including residual water basin and shaft entrance) / Weight - Approx. 160kg.

5000L - 2960mm(L) x 2220mm(W) x 1235mm (Height - including residual water basin and shaft entrance) / Weight - Approx. 250kg.

7500L - 3340mm(L) x 2310mm(W) x 1240mm(H) / Weight - Approx. 310kg.


This product comes installed with some accessories. Please see details of the pre-installed accessories as well as extras such as tank covers and shaft extensions. Please note 'DN' represents 'Diameter Nominal' which is the diameter in millimetres.

Pre-Installed Features

Calmed Inlet

Calmed Inlet

  • Special calmed inlet made of PE prevents turbulence of deposited particles.
  • The flow-induced structure deflects the water and adds oxygen, stored water remains clean and clear.
  • For upgrading and adding to existing storage tanks.

Overflow Siphon with Rodent Protection

Overflow Siphon with Rodent Protection

  • Suction effect by beveled edge overflow, floating particles are removed.
  • Stops odours when you connected to a soakaway or mains sewer.
  • Extra deep design protects against evaporation.
  • Special grid made of stainless steel protects the tank from rodents.
  • Made of environmentally friendly polyethylene, DN 100 (110 mm/4“).

Integrated Fine Filter McClean

Fine Filter McClean

  • Recommended for roof areas up to 200 m2.
  • High water yield (95%).
  • Avoids blockages.
  • Very good self-cleaning by the filter with approximately 0.8 mm mesh.
  • Tank cleaning only every 10 - 15 years.


Tank Covers

Walk-On Covers


Top CoverTop Cover Example

Made of robust PE, double-walled, DN 600 (600 mm).

Twin Cover (with distribution points)

Twin Cover (including distribution points)Twin Cover (including distribution points) Twin Cover (including distribution points)

Twin Cover (No taps)

For garden systems: In the PE tank cover a brass double water connection is integrated (click system), DN 600 (600 mm).

Twin Cover (without water connection)Twin Cover (without water connection)

The tank cover has an internal cover, for an easy and quick access to the tank.

Professional Child Locks

  • All walk-on versions of tank covers are provided with two professional child locks. The special fastener (rotary mechanism from stainless steel) with two specially strong safety loops can be installed easily and quickly.

Child Lock

Driveable Covers

Complete Car Set

Complete Car SetComplete Car Set

  • For all tanks.
  • Max. axle load 2.2T
  • Total height: 700 - 1100 mm

Consists of: Steel cover, Shaft extension BS 60 incl. Rubber Seal, spacer ring incl. Rubber Seal for the load separation.


Shaft Extensions

  • PE shaft extensions suitably for all tanks.
  • Extends the entrance shaft for deeper installation of the tank.
  • For a deeper installation the shaft extension VS 20 or VS 60 (VS 20 and VS 60 are not stackable), can be connected to the spacer ring.
  • Drain gutters avoid the entering of surface water into the tank.
  • Sealed to prevent ground water seepage (not for pressurised water).
  • Variable height adaptation by simple sawing.

VS 20

Shaft Extension VS 20

Height 250 mm, Ø 600 mm, including Seal.

VS 60

Shaft Extension VS 60

Height 635 mm, Ø 600 mm, including Seal.


Shaft Example


Spacer Ring


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