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Why is having Airtight insulation important?

Research shows that we can lose as much as half of all the energy used to heat our buildings through unwanted draughts, inefficient and poor ventilation. Houses are now generally very well insulated but the proportion of energy lost to draughts has increased and in some cases around half of all heat losses are due to air leakage across the building fabric.

If a vapour check has as little as a 1mm tear within a square metre area, the U value can reduce by a factor of 4.8 but airtightness does not generally increase this U value, it ensures the calculated U value is achieved. The U-Value is a value of thermal conductivity, the lower it is the better. If a calculated U value is not achieved if the structure is not airtight and hence you need a lot more energy to heat the house!

An airtightness layer protecting the insulation is just like wearing a wind shield jacket over our woolly jumper, it ensures that the insulation works to its full potential.

Airtight Insulation Example

During testing various conditions were simulated including extremes in both temperature and wind speed. The U-value results were as follows:

U-value with airtight vapour barrier = 0.30 W/m2K

U-value with 1mm gap in vapour barrier =1.44 W/m2K.


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Intello Plus
£79.00 + VAT
Intello Plus
Intelligent vapour check features humidity variable diffusion resistance. It gives maximum protection to thermal insulation where moisture entry may have occurred.
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£127.00 + VAT
DB+ is recycled paper which is strengthened with a reinforcement layer.
[Product Details...]

£133.00 + VAT
For use as a water-tight vapour check and airtightness membrane on sarking boards under insulation above the rafters.
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