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How do Biomass systems work?

Biomass systems use wooden pellets, chips or logs to power a central heating system and provide hot water. They can also be use provide warmth for a single room. There are two ways of using wood to produce heat for the home. Firstly a standalone stove which burns wooden pellets and logs is used to heat a single room and some systems can be fitted with a back boiler which provides hot water. Secondly, a boiler system, which burns pellets, logs and chip are directly connected to a central heating system and also provide hot water.

What are the benefits of Biomass?

Using wood as an energy source is a great low carbon option. As the material burns, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere but this level of carbon is equal to the amount of carbon that the tree absorbs during its lifespan. Burning locally sourced wood is the best option as this greatly reduces carbon emission generated through transportation.

Is Biomass suitable for the building in question?

There are a number of considerations that need to be made when choosing biomass for your building. Firstly, is there enough storage space for fuel? Sufficient storage space will be required close to the boiler providing an area for a wood pile. Secondly, a suitable flue must be in place to provide sufficient air movement. If necessary, existing chimneys can be fitted with a lined flue.

It is important to be aware that if you live in a smokeless zone wood can only be burnt in certain exempt burners. If the property in question is of a certain age, compliance with the building regulations may be an issue. For more information please see Part L of the Building Regulations. Finally, planning permission will be required if the flue extends more than 1m above the height of the roof, if the building is located in a World Heritage Site or a Conservation area. Please contact your local authority for further information.


Full HETAS Approved Installation Service

thecodestore.co.uk provide a nationwide fully accredited HETAS Approved installation service.

You will require a HETAS accredited installation where a biomass or stove is fitted to any new build property. This is also typically required to gain the extended manufacturers warranties with our biomass and flue products.

For further information and to arrange a quote today please email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone: 0151 324 0779


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